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Reading the Packet Header

Greetings All -

Every day my Cisco routers and switches (which I love dearly) read the packet header to make routing decisions. Source Add, dest add, protocol, etc. all go into the basic routing decision made by these devices.

PLEASE - what is the product that will allow me to collect this data from all my routers and switches and then allow me to manipulate that data into graphs and charts?

There are tons of products out there that require me to buy hardware probes costing upwards of $10,000 per probe just to collect the same data that already exists and is being read by the routers and switches.

If anyone out there knows of an way to collect this info, please let me know.


Steve Gingolaski

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Re: Reading the Packet Header


In this case you can use Sniffer Por, or the Free Software like Ethereal.

best regards


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Re: Reading the Packet Header

Greetings -

Thanks for the reply.

However, I am looking for an enterprise solution that will constantly collect data from my routers and switches for the purpose of trend analysis as well as realtime troubleshooting.

I have Ethereal and use that for isolated instances, but I need a central repository for continual data collection.



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Re: Reading the Packet Header

If you can purcharge CiscoWorks, it's the best way to do this.

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Re: Reading the Packet Header

Give this a shot:

NetScout also makes a nice solution. I happen to use NetScout quite a bit mainly as a protocl; analyzer (other people in the company use the other features such as trends, traffic prediciton, etc), but it is damn expensive.

Concord eHealth is another expensive product with reucurring licensing fees.

Good luck,


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