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Recommendations for additional T1 line.

I need suggestions for a scenario which we intend to implement at our company:

We have a T1 line and the following is our network topology:

TI LINE----Internet Gateway (Cisco 3620)---PIX Firewall------Catalyst 40006----Internal Network with 4 subnets and 600 users

Now we are thinking of getting a second T1 line wih the following objectives:

1. Additional 0.75 Mbps bandwidth for the Internal network (4 subnets and 600 users) such that half of the new T1 carries 1/3 of the existing internet traffic and also act as a redundant link in case the existing T1 goes down. Basically we want load balancing and fault tolerance from one half of the new T1 line.

2. We want to use the other half of the new T1 line for video confrencing with a remote site totally separate from the internet.

I need recommendations and topologies for the above two. Any new hardware that may be needed to achieve 1 and 2 above can be bought.

I am not even sure if Catalyst 4006 can handle video traffic?


Re: Recommendations for additional T1 line.

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