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Recovery from 2948G-L3 Corrupted IOS

I have search the CCO for hours and asked local TAC for document on how to recovery my 2948G-l3 swtich from a corrupted IOS image, not found. How can I find it?

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Re: Recovery from 2948G-L3 Corrupted IOS

Here is the instructions

you need to have ROM monitor with either Cisco IOS Release 12.0(7)W5(15a) or later.

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Re: Recovery from 2948G-L3 Corrupted IOS

Thank you!

The URL you provided can not be opened just now, I'll try later. I wonder if something is wrong, because I can open other document pages correctly.

How can make sure the ROM version met the needs? What if I have an older version?

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Re: Recovery from 2948G-L3 Corrupted IOS

I can send you a PDF version if you provide the email address. You should be able to open it

Please make sure you copy the whole URL as some of them may be wrapped around.

If you have a older rom version, I believe you may not have xmodem option. You have to replace the switch. It is most likely that you have a newer rom version as all switches recently shipped have new rom version.

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Re: Recovery from 2948G-L3 Corrupted IOS

I am sure do copy the exact URL. OK, let it be.

My email address is, please send me a PDF copy, thank you very much!

It's bad luck that I may have the older version of rom, the available rommon commands are :

rommon 1 > ?

alias -- set and display aliases command

boot -- boot up an external process

break -- set/show/clear the breakpoint

confreg -- configuration register utility

cont -- continue executing a downloaded image

context -- display the context of a loaded image

dev -- list the device table

dir -- list files in file system

dis -- disassemble instruction stream

frame -- print out a selected stack frame

help -- monitor builtin command help

history -- monitor command history

meminfo -- main memory information

repeat -- repeat a monitor command

reset -- system reset

set -- show all monitor variables

stack -- produce a stack trace

sync -- write monitor environment to NVRAM

sysret -- print out info from last system return

unalias -- unset an alias

unset -- unset a monitor variable

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