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Red Icon on Layer 2 View Campus manager 3.1

We add a new cisco device on the network. As long the snmp community name is the same as defined on the CW2000 Server

the Topology Services ( Layer 2 view ) automatically show this device after running rediscover devices. In another situation

we need to change the snmp server community name on this devices because we want to manage this devices using

another snmp management. My question is :

After we changed the snmp community name the layer 2 view will show red icon as an unknown device.

How to make the Layer 2 View do not show this red icon again. We have tried to delete it but always appear again after running discovery devices.

Anybody know how to solve this ?


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Re: Red Icon on Layer 2 View Campus manager 3.1

If you do not want to see this device in Ciscoworks, have you tried defining a discovery exclusion filter of the device?


Re: Red Icon on Layer 2 View Campus manager 3.1

You just mentioned that you changed the SNMP Community string on the device and after that the icon turned Red?. In order for Campus to discover the device, the SNMP community strings configured on the device must match with that defined in the ANI Settings. In your case the SNMP community strings do no match on the device with what's configured in the ANI Settings, therefore the icon comes up Red. Update your SNMP strings under ANI Discovery settings and run the discovery again and it will work.

Also see Q2 at:

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