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Redirecting an IP address

I have a router with the address on the E1 interface. I need all traffic sent to (or all traffic received on E1) to be sent out the E0 interface. The destination address needs to be changed to If it can not be NATed to a range that it has defined on another interface, then I can perform the NAT on a second device (a non-Cisco router of limited capabilities) and would need the destination address to be I tried the following, which I assume wouldn't work because the router was receiving the data itself, rather than performing NAT on it.

interface Ethernet0

ip address

ip nat inside

interface Ethernet1

ip address

ip nat outside


ip nat inside source static

ip nat outside source static

(I also tried other permutations in the nat statements because I wasn't absolutely sure of the order for both)


Re: Redirecting an IP address

I'm not clear as to what you are trying to accomplish with this config. If you want to translate the destination for all traffic sourced from the E1 interface and send it out the E0 intefrace, why would you want to translate it to since that network is connected off the E1 interface. Is this because you have an overlapping network configured? A topology and an explanation as to what you're trying to set up would help.

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