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Redistributing default route into OSPF area


We have OSPF area 40 and we have also defined the following static route.

ip route fastethernet0/1

ip route

People are not able to see network from other side but after redistributing static route to OSPF area by the command "redistribute static subnets " .It works fine.

My concerns are will the default route get redistributed to OSPF area , If so will it introduce any loop in the routing ? OR should i remove

ip route fastethernet0/1

Appreciate your reply on this.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Redistributing default route into OSPF area

If I understand correctly you want redistribute only static route to OSPF. If so, you can configure filter, e.g.

router ospf 40

redistribute static

distribute-list 10 out Serial0/0

access-list 10 deny

access-list 10 permit any

If you configure static default route in the other site it should take the precedence then OSPF route, so you don't have to change anythink, I guess.


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Re: Redistributing default route into OSPF area

thank you for the comment.

Yes , We can achieve with access list to distribute only the require route info. But my doubt is what will happen if default route is redistributed to the OSPF area will it affect the OSPF routing table. If so is there any way apart from access-list as it may increase the CPU usage.

Please do proivde your comments.



Re: Redistributing default route into OSPF area

OSPF does not automatically propagate a default route (gateway of last resort or network So, theoritcally, network would not be installed on neighbour's routing tables.

To enable the propagation of route, use the "default-information originate" router ospf command.

In any case, the default route ( will not introduce a routing loop as long as it is originating from a single router.

Hope that helps,


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