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redistribution problem

I cannot get the redistribution at a customer's site to work, and the more I try, the messier things get.

I have a 3620 that running IGRP 65, EIGRP 69, and OSPF, and the IGRP and OSPF reconnect again at a different point, and the OSPF and EIGRP reconnect again at another different point. How do I write the route maps or play with the distances to get this to work?

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Re: redistribution problem

What ever you decide, you must not let routes redistribute randomly. One techneqye is to set a tag when the routes are imported, and delete any taged routes when exported. I know that OSPF supports tags, and I need to look up IGRP.

Another help is the higher administrative distance of 170 in EIGRP. You can duplicate it in OSPF, because the distance ospf command allows external routes to be set higher than area routes. However, by default, all are 110.

The only "easy" answers are route summarization (if the addresses are sumarizable) or a single routing protocol.

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Re: redistribution problem

instaed of playing with disnatnces or map,s the easiest way is to configure redistribution lists, that is route filtering.

Your basic criteria is that only redistribute routes which need redsitributing at that point. You just filter out all unwanted routing updates.

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