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Redistrubution BGp into RIP and in the same router BGP into RIP

Hi There

IF i distribute RIP V2 into BGP and then distribute BGP into RIP v2 in a single router in a real time environment, does that effect with any consideration watsoever.



Re: Redistrubution BGp into RIP and in the same router BGP into

When you redistribute from BGP into RIP, the default-metric command should be used to set the metric of redistributed routes ( or use route-maps to set metric of redistrbuted routes, for finer control).

Redistrbution between any IGP and BGP (mutual) is not really recommended. If done, should be followed up by appropriate filtering.

with the Internet routes rapidly growing, 120,000 routes atleast....imagine redistributing these many routes into RIP, will your internal routers, be able to handle that many routes ?? This is a question of great concern (what ever be the IGP).

While redistributing RIP into BGP, make sure, unwanted (non routable networks in the internet - private ip add. range) are properly filtered. (Though most ISPs do take care of this at their end.)

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