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Redundancy Config

Dear Pro,

How can I configure an access switches to work as redundant in case of failover of all the devices attached in the device.

See the attached sample scenario.


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Re: Redundancy Config

Based on the given diagram, you will want to utilize HSRP on the two 2821's to verify that if one goes down, it will not effect routing.

You can also add layer-2 links between the 2950's, and utilize etherchannel to add redundancy and performance.

If you are asking how to add redundancy for end-systems in the event of an access-layer switch, you would need to add a link between each end-system and each access-layer switch, as you've done with CCM, and the 2821's.

Let me know if this helps.

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Re: Redundancy Config


Thanks for the info. Actually, the attached scenario is not yet implemented. In my Lab environment I am using one 2950 Switch all the devices i.e 2 CCM (Pub/Sub), 2 Cisco Router 2821 (Gateway) are all connected in the same switch.

What I want to do exactly is, If I will deploy those devices in real scenario as attached.

In CCM (Publisher) if I will connect the first interface to the first 2950 switch (access switch) and the second interface to the second 2950 switch.

In CCM (Subscriber) I will do the same thing with the publisher.

I dont know and I did not try yet If I will activate or enable the other network card in my CCM and attach to the other 2950 switch.

By default, in CCM server with two (2) network card like the one what I have, If I used the first port the other port is automatically disable by CCCM setup.

How can I setup the CCM servers (PUB/SUB) and activate the 2 network card and connected to the 2 access switches as a full redundant.

In 2950 switch, etherchannel would be a good idea and best solution.

In Cisco router 2821 (gateway) maybe you can advise me the best and possible solution.

Thank you.

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