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Redundant Power Supplies in 6500

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has run 110V and 220V to the 1300/2500 watt power supplies in the 6500 series switches? The issue, we did not know the power supplies required 220V to run at 2500Watt, so we put in 110V.

When we needed more power we found out...

The documentation says the switch will power up with both voltages (one to each PS), but the 1300 supply will be disabled until the 2500 supply dies.

We would like to power down one supply, convert the circuit to 220V then connect it and power up with the understanding this will work (Cisco docs say powering up the switch not one power supply with the other running). Then power off the first supply and changing the circuit and powering up; volia not downtime.

No one will allow this to be done without a signed doc from Cisco that this will work...which we haven't been able to get. Has anyone out there done this?



Re: Redundant Power Supplies in 6500

You should schedule a maintenance window for something this major. No one (Cisco included) can make guarantees everything is going to go smoothly but they’ll be there if things don’t go as planned. If the docs instruct you a certain way, you can be sure they’ve tested it but there are too many variables. Have a rollback plan in place as well.

Good luck

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