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Redundant Route Reflector

I've 3 router which fully meshed. (a to b, b to c and a to c)

Do I need one or two as route reflector? How about the cluster id ? do I need to assign different cluster id in each router in order to avoid the loss of redundant?

thanks for any help


Re: Redundant Route Reflector


Route reflectors are recommended to be used in a scenario where the number of full mesh connections required, are too much in number. The formula for number of full mesh connections needed, with N as the number of routers is, N(N-1)/2. In your case the number of full mesh connections required is 3, with the number N = 3. When N increases, the number of full mesh connections become so high, that CPU utlisation, memory requirements, for maintaining that many full mesh connections would drain the router out. For N=6, the number of full mesh connections increase to 15.

In such situations router-reflectors need to be used.

In your case, it would be better to use physical redudancy between the routers, rather than using a virtual redundancy by configuring two route-reflectors, because, if a link between router a and router b fails, no matter whether there are two route-reflectors or not, the routes would be lost.


Re: Redundant Route Reflector


No, as long as you have the routers fully meshed you don't need route reflectors.

RR and Cluster help you so you do not need to setup e fully meshe on you routers.

But if you network will grow i recomend to make the setup with route reflectors.

Hope that helps.

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