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remote access using isdn


I want to connect 5 remote pc's to my main network using one isdn line. Many differnt users are going to log onto these computers and they are going to be used at the same time. Firstly, is it possible to have all 5 machines using the same isdn channel at the same time? Secondly, would the users be able to use thier individual network logon so they can get to thier network resources?

I have been reading about DDR, but I don't actualy have a clue about this stuff so ANY help at all would be great.

Thanks in advance

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Re: remote access using isdn

Sounds like it should work fine...but it might depend on how you have things setup. If you can provide a small ascii network map and some more information about what protocols/services you are running we might be able to help better.


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Re: remote access using isdn

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply.

I was going to put the remote machines on static ip's. As for the services, I've been told that I have to provide everything that the users would get if they were on site, so proxy,exchange,home directories, network shares etc.

I have to connect four remote sites this way, I was thinking of using the hub and spoke topology.

Could you suggest some routers that would do the job?

Thanks very much


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Re: remote access using isdn

disclaimer: I'm not that good at network design, I just mainly help people fix broken stuff. Also, I'm not a proper sales type person, so my recommendations may be off. I would contact cisco pre-sales at 800-553-nets, or call your local sales office for more clueful info.

Ok...what routers you need depends on how much traffic you need to push, how many networks/nodes, and a lot on how much money you can spend. Since you are at a school I take it that you don't need gigs of bandwidth for the remotes, you said five machines right? I would get an 800 for the spokes, and atleast a 2600 wtih a nm-4b-u for the hub. Get the BRI lines ordered from the telco(in my experience, depending on how good your telco is, it can be hard to get isdn "turned up" properly) before you need to get this up and running, budget permitting.

I'm pretty sure that what you want to do can all run over basic protocols that we gladly support...more info on what higher layer stuff you are running would be helpful. Your isdn and general ddr config depends on what you get from telco and what traffic you need to support. I can take some guesses and say any normal ddr config should work for what you need. Check out:

Cisco Access Dial Configuration Cookbook

Multilink PPP for DDR - Basic Configuration and Verification

Those should get you started while you are waiting for us to ship hw and for the telco to setup your wan stuff.

If you have trouble getting things configured and whatnot feel free to post the details on another thread here or open a TAC case for some more immediate help. Maybe the sales people can hook you up with more tips too.

Your welcome very much,


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