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Removing 3750 from stack

I have a 3750-12S-S which was the third switch in a stack of 3 3750. We want to run it as a seperate switch in a different location so I removed it from the stack by powering it off, unplugging the stack cables and then powering it up again.

When the switch came up again all of the 12 interfaces were numbered Gi3/0/1-12. Despite erasing the config and rebooting the switch, the interfaces will not reset back to Gi1/0/1-12. I have noticed the following command in the running config:

"switch 3 provision ws-c3750g-12s". I suspect this is causing the problem but I am unable to remove it from the config without it reappearing on the next power-cycle.

Can someone suggest a solution?



Re: Removing 3750 from stack

You can try something like this to see if it will change it , it looks like it still thinks its stackmember number 3 . In config mode ,

switch 3 renumber 1

save the config.


Re: Removing 3750 from stack

C3750-9B(config)#switch 3 renumber 1

WARNING: Changing the switch number may result in a

configuration change for that switch.

The interface configuration associated with the old switch

number will remain as a provisioned configuration.

Do you want to continue?[confirm]

The part that we really need to focus on is

"The interface configuration associated with the old switch

number will remain as a provisioned configuration."

Which means that configuration that was associated with switch number 3 will remain as

Gi5/0/1 and will not change to Gi1/0/1 . Infact , renumbering will provision another switch

with the new number with default config. So what is really the solution of this ? The

solution is to move the config manually , or do not change the switch numbers. Once you put the config on a newly provisioned #1 switch , then unprovision switch # 3 and save the config. That should effectively move every thing to switch 1.

Hope this helps.

Salman Z.

Community Member

Re: Removing 3750 from stack

I've got the same problem and have a 2nd switch in this limbo state. Tried what you said above and it hasn't worked. Is there a way to hard reset the 3750 back to factory defaults ?

Re: Removing 3750 from stack


you can use up the normal password recovery proceedure itself to reset the H/W back to the factory defaults..

once u break up the bootup process and when ur in switch prompt. u can use up the following commands to erase off the active config..

switch: flash_init

switch: load_helper

switch: rename flash:config.text flash:config.text.old

switch: boot


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Re: Removing 3750 from stack

Same problem here. A WS-C3750G-24PS was naively stacked following a WS-C3750-48P, thinking the stack would behave as the 3550 Gigastack used to. Now unstacked, the 24PS config shows interfaces gi1/0/1-28 (God knows where they came from) plus its own (as gi2/0/1-28), but the 48P shows only its own (fa1/0/1-48 plus gi1/0/1-4). I am able to manage them individually now, but it's confusing having the odd mix of bogus interfaces on the 24PS. I wish the 3750 Getting Started Guide had a stronger warning about this, other than "refer to the switch software configuration guide".

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Re: Removing 3750 from stack

Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. Although I had great fun powering the switch off in the rack from behind whilst twisting my arm through the cabinet and holding in the mode button for the reset.

I agree that Cisco should make it clearer about the "implications" of reverting back from a stackwise config.

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Re: Removing 3750 from stack

Didn't do it for me. After POST and the election completed, it said:

Election Complete

Switch 2 booting as Master

I guess I could live with this, but I'd rather it were Switch 1.

Full boot log is attached, if that will help.

Community Member

Re: Removing 3750 from stack

I sort-of figured it out. The old config provisioned this switch as switch 2, and for some reason the provisioning carried over through the reboot. Where do I request implementation of a "back-in-the-box" command? Seems to me this would become a common requirement in a large environment.

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