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Replacing a WLAN connection w/ a Point-to-point T1

Hey all,

Here's my situation:

One of my branch sites has a small building that connects to the main building at that site via a Wireless 340 bridge. At the main building, there is another Wireless bridge that terminates this connection, and there also is a 3745 that provides WAN connectivity for that entire site to the other branches.

Due to regulatory issues, the wireless setup will be replaced by a point-to-point DS1. So I will now need another T1 CSU/DSU in my 3745 at my main building, and I will probably put a 2600 at my smaller building. Here's comes the dilemna. Currently all my users in my smaller building use services that are in the main building such as DHCP, connectivity to call manager, etc. The clients traffic is bridged over a wireless connection to the main building. I would like to have the traffic bridged over as well with the T1 so as to avoid having to make a bunch of client changes.

Can anyone help me with a general setup, or point me to an article to do this. Thanks much everyone!!


VIP Purple

Re: Replacing a WLAN connection w/ a Point-to-point T1


I guess the easiest way is to just put both serial interfaces (on your 3725 and your 2600) into the same bridge group. Why do you want to keep the traffic bridged anyway ?



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Re: Replacing a WLAN connection w/ a Point-to-point T1

Hey George, thanks much for the reply.

The reason I was thinking about keeping the traffic bridged is to avoid having to setup the VoIP parameters on a router for 3 people. Plus I figured that this would be the easiest migration method.

I'm trying to keep it so that the default gateway on the client PC's is still that of the Fa Eth interface on the 3745 in the main building. To do this, wouldn't the bridging be setup between the two ethernet interfaces or is it the serials??

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