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Replacing Flash in 2610 router

I have replaced an 8 MB flash module with a 16 MB one. When the router boots up it comes into rommon mode. I keep getting the following error: device does not contain a valid magic number. I have reseated the flash memory numerous times. I cannot get an IOS image to flash. Neither tftpdnld (errors on completion) or xmodem (dies during transfer) will put an image into flash. I don't believe I have to create a file system on the flash. Does anyone have any suggestions other than bad Flash?

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Re: Replacing Flash in 2610 router

Hi Jeck!

If you see this error messages, it means the Flash card is empty, not formatted, not formatted for the platform, the filesystem is corrupted, or the first image on the Flash card is not a bootable Cisco IOS software image. Of course the flash can be corrupt or of the wrong type.

Maybe the image your trying to upload through xmodem and tftp, is corrupt from the begining?!?! Try checking the MD5 hash with the tool from . Then you need to change the config-register with "confreg 0x2102" to make the box boot from flash:. Is the IOS image to large for the flash or are your loading the same as you run before?

Hope this things can help some...

Regards; /Jonas

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Re: Replacing Flash in 2610 router

"device does not contain a valid magic number" means there is nothing in flash. All you need to do is TFTP another IOS into flash from boot mode. Nothing in the bootrom either.

You may get the flash replaced with the image on it.



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Re: Replacing Flash in 2610 router

maybe, it's not possible to use 16 MB flash modules.

Since the 2610 have a limit of 16MB flash, maybe it cannot handle a single large 16MB but instead you must use two 8MB...

try it out with two 8meggs instead..

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