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Replicating dialer interfaces

I've had the issue of disaster recovery dumped on me. I think I've finally figured out how to handle the routing, but there's the issue of all my dialer interfaces.

I'm hoping I'm not alone in what I need to do, any pointers would be welcome:

We have a 3640 on the end of an ISDN30, the line is used purely for ISDN DDR (in/out). The 3640 has about 50-60 dialer interfaces that change quiet often. For disaster recovery we will have an (almost) identical 3640 in another office.

I need to replicate all of the dialer interfaces on the DR router. Is there any way of duplicating the interfaces automatically, so that I don't have to manually configure both routers?



Re: Replicating dialer interfaces

If I understand correctly, you want the configs of the dialer interfaces on one router to be copied to two telnet sessions to the two 3640s from the same PC.

On the 3640 that has the configs, highlight & copy the appropriate configs...on the other 3640 be in the config mode & paste.

Thanks, Mak.

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Re: Replicating dialer interfaces

Thanks for the reply.

Since this is for disaster recovery, and baring in mind the possibility of human error, I'm really after a way of automating this. I effectively want the interfaces to replicate whenever a change is made. I was wondering if something like a virtual template could be used.

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Re: Replicating dialer interfaces

Correct me if my thinking is not right but Most likely you have diaper profiles configured for all those users (if i am worng , need to see the config of one for the dialer interface). If the config under all the dialer interface is not different other then "dialer remote-name xxxx" then you can get away with virtual-template interface.

Using one virtual template interface you can replace those all the dialer-profile interfaces. So post the config here with just one dialer interface config (if rest are same) Also the best other way to control that is using AAA server (radius or tacacs).

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Re: Replicating dialer interfaces

They are routers at the other end. For various reasons each PPP connection has its own subnet, and dial-up occurs in both directions. This means that the username, IP address and remote ISDN number are different on for each dialer. There is only one dialer group & pool and the other settings are common to all.

Here's an example:

interface Dialer2

ip address

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

dialer remote-name [routername]

dialer idle-timeout 360

dialer fast-idle 180

dialer string [#]

dialer-group 1

ppp authentication chap


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