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Rerouting af SoftVC in LS1010 based on priority and capacity

We're running an ATM network based on LS1010 switches.

For resilience each site has two parallel WAN links, terminated in separate switches both at the central site and at each site.

For one site we have several SoftPVCs for video transport.

The site has two STM-1s but the video alone easily takes up 120Mbit/s.

This is OK in situations where one of the STM-1s is down, but under normal conditions with both links up we'd like the SoftPVCs to be (re)distributed over both WAN links.

I'm aware that the LS1010 can do route optimization for SoftPVCs


but perhaps someone has an example config?

What I'm really looking for is how to cope with the fact that all SoftPVCs are automatically rerouted onto one single link in case the other link fails, but they're not rerouted when the link comes back up again.

Another possibility would be to prioritize them and only reroute a subset in case of link failure.


Re: Rerouting af SoftVC in LS1010 based on priority and capacity

As you know , the main advantage of a soft PVC is that if a failure occur in a midpoint switch, soft PVCs are rerouted automatically, assuming another route is available. But seeing all the documents i am forced to beleive that when the link is back up again it will not be rerouted again.

Go through the following document for configuration examples:

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Re: Rerouting af SoftVC in LS1010 based on priority and capacity

Thank you for the pointers.

Have done some studying myself too.

The LS1010 can be set up to reroute, or rather optimize, Soft PVCs at certain times of the day and at certain loads.

Switch(config)# atm route-optimization percentage-threshold 85

Switch(config)# interface atm 0/0/0

Switch(config-if)# atm route-optimization soft-connection interval 30 time-of-day 18:00 5:00

Must be configured on the source interface of the Soft PVC/PVP.

BUT, it's not recommended for CBR circuits, and all my video and CES traffic is CBR :-(

Unfortunately it's only possible to prioritize Soft PVC/PVPs over IMA (Inverse Multiplexing for ATM) interfaces.

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