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reserve an ip when using dhcp on router

We use our routers t our remote locations to serve out ip addresses.. well we sometimes need to reserve an ip in the range for a particular MAC address. I have yet to find a way to do this on the router. basically what we do is.. serve out ip addresses to various clients. Sometimes a client will be overstepping their bounds and we need to throttle them down.. i have been doing traffic-shaping to do this and limiting the maximum use of the bandwidth.. however since they use dhcp all they would have to do is change ip addresses and they are up and running again... I want to prevent this from happening...

Is there a way to set the router to allow full bandwidth use for a minutes time and then automatically throttle it back to say 1/2 of the bandwidth. we currently use a ull T1 in our remote locations.


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Re: reserve an ip when using dhcp on router

Here is the way to reserver the ip address for a mac address using dhcp on a router. If the mac address is 00.10.5a.dd.c5.3, here is the way to assign to that statically

ip dhcp pool foramac


client-identifier 0100.105a.ddc5.31

client-name home1


ip dhcp pool default


dns-server x.x.x.x y.y.y.y.y


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Re: reserve an ip when using dhcp on router

worked like a charm.. thanks so much.. will this work for devices that might not have a hostname or something...

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