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Reserve DHCP lease

I have a DHCP server running on a Cat 6500 and I have a number of notebook computers that roam around, what is the best way to only allow these notebooks to lease IP addresses from the DHCP server.

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Re: Reserve DHCP lease


I assume you are talking about the Cisco IOS DHCP server ?

You could exclude all addresses that you do not want to get leased (with the 'ip dhcp excluded-address' command) and then configure manual bindings, this works as follows:

Step 1.

Router(config)# ip dhcp pool name

-->Creates a name for the a DHCP server address pool and places you in DHCP pool configuration mode—identified by the (config-dhcp)# prompt.

Step 2.

Router(config-dhcp)# host address [mask | /prefix-length]

-->Specifies the IP address and subnet mask of the client.

The prefix length specifies the number of bits that comprise the address prefix. The prefix is an alternative way of specifying the network mask of the client. The prefix length must be preceded by a forward slash (/).

Step 3.

Router(config-dhcp)# hardware-address hardware-address type


Router(config-dhcp)# client-identifier unique-identifier

-->Specifies a hardware address for the client.

Specifies the distinct identification of the client in dotted-hexadecimal notation, for example, 01b7.0813.8811.66, where 01 represents the Ethernet media type.

Step 4.

Router(config-dhcp)# client-name name (Optional)

-->Specifies the name of the client using any standard ASCII character. The client name should not include the domain name. For example, the name mars should not be specified as

Your configuration would then look like this:

The following example creates a manual binding for a client named The MAC address of the client is 02c7.f800.0422 and the IP address of the client is

ip dhcp pool Mars


hardware-address 02c7.f800.0422 ieee802

client-name Mars

Because attributes are inherited, the previous configuration is equivalent to the following:

ip dhcp pool Mars

host mask

hardware-address 02c7.f800.0422 ieee802

client-name Mars





netbios-node-type h-node

If you have a CCO logon check out the following link:



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Re: Reserve DHCP lease

Yes, it is Cisco IOS DHCP server. The way I understand it is you can have only one manual binding per address pool. I have 15 roaming notebook computers in a network with 30 VLAN's. So wouldnt that be 15 address pools for each VLAN.

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Re: Reserve DHCP lease


sounds like an awful way to do this, but yes, although there is no limit on the number of manual bindings but you can only configure one manual binding per host pool.

I am thinking that Cisco is not providing a better way to configure manual bindings, since that would almost make their Network Registrar product obsolete...



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