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reserved B-channels with PRI and rotary-group

I have a 2600 router with ISDN PRI and 1 serial Interface. Approx. 150 Clients are connecting to the PRI. In case of a serial link failure there should be ISDN-Backup (2 B-Channels) over the same PRI the Clients are connecting to.

Is there a possibility to configure a rotary-group but give the 2 B-Channels (needed for backing up the serial line) priority over the others? Like if all 30 channels are in use by some clients to drop 2 channels and use them for the backup.

With dialer-profiles I could reserve 2 channels for the backup but I want to avoid configuring 150 dialer-interfaces.


Re: reserved B-channels with PRI and rotary-group

There is no way to prioritize dialer

maps that will cause existing connections

to be torn down. The best that I can

suggest is you try the command ,

which will cause the fast-idle timer to be

used instead of the idle-timer in the

event that all links are used and we need

to dial out to a new site. If the existing links

still have interesting data, you may not

see a disconnect right away. You could set the

fast-idle to a low value (like 5), but

beware that this may cause more than just

2 links to drop.

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