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Reserving an IP address in 3640 router

I'm currently using the 3640 router to allow users to dial into my network, but I would like to reserve an IP address for a particular user. I currently have a pool of addresses that users get assigned when they dial in. Is there a way to reserve an IP address to a particular user other than using the username? I tried the username and it kicks other connections of if they are using the IP assigned to a particular username. Thanks for any assistance.


Re: Reserving an IP address in 3640 router

You need to use a dialer map with the username of the particular user and the IP address that you want them to use. This address should NOT be contained in the pool, since you want it reserved. Another way to do this would be assigning the address via AAA, but the same restriction applies - the address should not be in the pool.

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Re: Reserving an IP address in 3640 router

Thanks, for the feedback. I will be trying the solution this afternoon. It makes perfect since to take the address out of the pool. At least it make sense after you hear someone say it. Thanks again.

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