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resetting 1811 back to defaults

got the router the day before I left on a trip and started to configure it. well fast forward two weeks and I'm back and I forgot what the IP address was, I tried all the addresses I though I would of used but still can't connect. Is there a way to reset the router back to factory without knowing the IP?


Re: resetting 1811 back to defaults


you can connect to the console prompt and break into Rommon mode using the break key in your keyboard once you are there in rommon you can change the registry settings which is required to bypass loading the startup config file.

Change the confreg value to 0X2142 using confreg 0X2142,once you are done with that do a system reset that will get u to the normal router prompt and u can start configuring the box afresh..

once you are there change the necessary required parameters as well as remember to change the register value back to 0X2102 and save the config with the changes which will override the exisiting startup config.

once you are thru with this reload and check whether the things are on track...


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Re: resetting 1811 back to defaults

I forgot about the console, so once I found a computer with a serial port I could use I was able to connect and get the IP but I still could not connect so I reset it and it's up and running now, thanks

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