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Revamp an old network

Our company is moving into a new office and I would like to take the oppurtinity to replace some End of life products.

Current enviornment is 5 remote offices connected to one central office via Cisco 1600 routers over dedicated DS1 lines. The central office provides internet connectivity via a Cisco 2600 over a DS1 line.

I would like to replace the 5 1600 routers in the central office with one Cisco router. Is there such a beast that will provide 5 WAN connections and one or two eth connections?

Option 2 is to cancel all 5 dedicated ds1 lines and replace them with cheaper dsl lines, then provide connectivity from the remote offices via VPN tunnels. Not sure what the hardware requirements are for option 2.

Thank you for your help


Re: Revamp an old network

option 1.


Trade in the 1600s at central site with a Cisco reseller.

3640 router (this is getting end of life, migration path is to use 3700 router - 3725)

NM-FE-2W - 1 Fast ethernet, 2 WAN slots - 3 numbers.

or use NM-2FE-2W - 2 FE, 2 WAN slots - 3 numbers

WIC-1DSU-T1 - 5 numbers. (this has inbuilt CSU/DSU)

or use the existing WIC on the 1600 along with an external CSU/DSU.

option 2


Trade in the 1600s with a Cisco reseller.

PIX 501 at remote sites. - 5 numbers.

PIX outside interface will be connected to DSL modem/router.

PIX 515 with 3DES at central site - to terminate VPN

or a VPN Concentrator 3005 to terminate VPN

or a 3600 router with IPSEC -3DES supported IOS to terminate VPN.

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