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RIP interacting with HSRP

We have a pair of 6500s doing HSRP on a number of VLANs. We use RIP as a routing protocol and find that the routers exchange RIP routes on each VLAN they both have IP addresses on. In the case of HSRP interfaces the two permanent addresses exchange RIP routes. So the same two routers are exchanging routing information multiple times

We just had an incident where the routers got a route for an external /24 from somewhere and sent it back and forth forever as metric 2. Normally they would have incremented the metric but this didn't happen. Any ideas why? Is RIP supported when using HSRP like this?

Is there a quick way to turn off RIP on an interface? I'd rather not use access-lists as it would have a high overhead, given that we already have access-lists on a lot of interfaces.


Re: RIP interacting with HSRP

You can use the passive interface

I find the best is to use the passive-interface default and then explicitly turn on the interfaces that i would like RIP to run on.. Eg:

router rip

passive-interface default

no passive-interface Vlan10


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