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RIP on Cat4500

I have Cat4503 with Sup4 IOS 12.2(25)SG, c2621XM with IOS 12.2(28a)and non-Cisco router. Switch and router running RIP v2. Non-Cisco router has it running too.

Both, switch and router can exchange RIP updates and routing tables are correct. Non-Cisco device exchanges RIP updates and have correct routing table. The only difference is that Non-Cisco sends RIP packets with broadcast MAC destination address ( not multicast), but IP destination is a multicast address. Router recognize these updates and keep routing table updated. Switch does not accept those RIP packets. When I do <clear ip route *>, routing table on switch accepts RIP info from non-cisco device, then this information gets flushed out because next RIP packet is not accepted. Debug does not show that any packets are receiving.

This was never an issue when we had Cat4503 with CatOS and IOS. It was working for years. Since migration to Sup4 and IOS-based we run in issue.

Is there any way to resolve this problem. Why router accepts RIP updates and switch does not? P.S. This is not an option to make a change on non-cisco device in regards to destination MAC address ( brodcast to multicast). Wh

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Re: RIP on Cat4500

For which packets did you do debug? Make sure both devices (4503 and non-cisco) share the same medium.

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Re: RIP on Cat4500

All devices on Ethernet. Debug has been ran for packets, events and database.

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Re: RIP on Cat4500


I have not run into this situation so I can not speak from experience about the solution. But it sounds to me like sending the RIP update with broadcast MAC is a holdover from the RIPv1 behavior. I wonder if you configure the switch to receive both v2 and v1 updates if the switch would accept and process the update from the non-cisco router.



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Re: RIP on Cat4500

Thanks for suggestion. I tried to enable versions 1 and 2 ( receive/send). Does not help.

I seems to me, that switch ( L2) blocks somwhere these packets, not a Sup module (L3).

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