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RIP over dial Interface

I want to run RIP over a Dial PPP interface, but I don´t no the IP address asigned to my router by the LNS.

Someone know the way to run RIP over this interface.

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Re: RIP over dial Interface

I think you will need to know the network of the IP assigned or RIP will not advertise to/from. You need the

router(config-router)#network x.x.x.x

for RIP to kick in on network x.x.x.x

Don't know what your dialing hardware is. If it is a PC, I don't know what to suggest. If you are dialing from another Cisco router, you can just get the dial connection up and look at CDP (sh cdp neigh detail or similar) to find the IP address assigned to the dialed into router.

Just keep in mind that you have to set up some good ACLs to allow RIP to pass updates only if connection is already up for real traffic or it will be dialing every 30 seconds.

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Re: RIP over dial Interface

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I think that CDP is by default disabled on PPP phys-layer asycn. You will probably need to 'cdp enable' the interface.

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Re: RIP over dial Interface

Thanks by your answer, I explain more in detail the problem.

The equipment used for dial is a Cisco router, but I don´t know the IP address asigned to my router by the LNS when I install the router. Also this address can be asigned from different network by LNS. The LNS is managed for a provider and the provider can use differents networks IP pools and also can add news networks IP to the pool.

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Re: RIP over dial Interface

Oh. Didn't catch the LNS implication. If this is VPDN it is out of my range. Sorry. But what little I know about VPDN would lead me to believe that in order to run a routing protocol vs. a default route, you would have to make those arrangements with the service provider. RIP would not be a likely option?

One final thoght though. If you just want RIP from PPP dial clients up to your 1700 (serving as NAS?) and are just running static from NAS to LNS, I think that you only need to know the major network(s) from which the possible IPs might be assigned. RIP is classfull, so you don't run RIP for, you run it for, etc. Just find the range of addresses in the pool and include all of the major networks in your RIP config. Or perhaps even just redistributing connected interfaces will suffice?

If I am still way off, please clarify again, and maybe someone else that knows more can help you.

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