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RJ45 Port 5/2 on SUP720-3B doesn't work

I know that we have to put the "media-type rj45" command on interface 5/2 to make it work for UTP. Is there anything else that I need to do. I cannot get this UTP port to work. May be I have a dead port. I may have to replace the whole SUP720 module, load required IOS, load all configs and vlan database and vtp information. I just want to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Why couldn't they have just left the SFP port for 5/2 and not bothered putting in a soldered UTP port for 5/2. There is a SFP 5/2 as well, but if I put a SFP - GLC-T in 5/2 and make it work that way, my customer might say "NO" change the board because I want the soldered 5/2 UTP port to work.

Any suggestion to say that I may have missed something or is it just a simple dead port issue.

It is hard to get an outage on this switch because it has only one SUP720. If I have missed something that someone may point me to, then I may have saved an outage and a SUP720 module.


Re: RJ45 Port 5/2 on SUP720-3B doesn't work

Should just come up unless the other end is not even linking up or the cable does not work. So, check the cable and the other device, connect the same cable to another copper port see if that link up.

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