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RME 3.3 problems

Dear Sir!

I've CW2K rev4 on WinNT with RME 3.3 installed.

Q1: For request on specified device Syslog Analysis tells to me than no records found. But all syslog messages are in syslog.log and all Syslog processes of RME are running and no filters exists. What can I do?

Q2: I'm try to update configuration archive for specified device (in Configuration Management). But I've such error message:

PGM_NM=Configuration Archive:6413:TYPE=unassigned message type::Change audit process not running.

But CW2K shows that its running (program started and no management messages received). What can I do?

Best regards,



Re: RME 3.3 problems

Q1) First, make sure that all of the settings are the same in the configs including Logging server IP, severity, facility.

Next, make sure that both devices are in RME

Next, run the Unexpected Device report under Syslog Analysis. This will show all the devices that are sending logging messages to CiscoWorks but are not configured in RME.

If you see the logging messages in that report - your device may be managed by a different IP address than the one it is receiving the logging messages from. Perform a reverse NSLOOKUP to determine the IP that CiscoWorks uses for the device. Set the logging source on the device to that IP using the command: logging source-interface interface#

Q2) What is this device in question?

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