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RME 3.4 syslog Problems on windows 2000


I dont seem to be able to get syslogs from my devices, when i run severity level summary for any of my devices whether inside or outside the firewall. Error message i get is check if logging is enabled on the device. below is one of the router config

RC_3660_01_UGS#sh logg

Syslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped, 2 messages rate-limited, 0 flushes,

0 overruns)

Console logging: level debugging, 687 messages logged

Monitor logging: level debugging, 0 messages logged

Buffer logging: level debugging, 31 messages logged

Logging Exception size (4096 bytes)

Trap logging: level informational, 327 message lines logged

Logging to 10.x.x.x 64 message lines logged

when i check on the server ( windows services) the CMF Syslog service is not running, try to run it and it tells me to contact vendor etc...

Also when i check the processes, the syslog analyser is running normally, webserver (program started but no messages)

I have also intergrated Cisco works with Openview node manager 6.3, is port 162 being used by the both the utilities, is this the problem? Coz i am not getting any cisco works alarms on my NNM.

please advise if you can, thanks in advance




Re: RME 3.4 syslog Problems on windows 2000

Did you check the Syslog.log file size? This problem occurs when the file is overloaded. Delete the entries of the file. Stop and start the CMF syslog service. Now the new messages should get logged.


Re: RME 3.4 syslog Problems on windows 2000

The fact that your CMF syslog service is not runnning is the root cause of your problem. Why? Becuase port 514 (UDP) is occupied by your Openview node manager. The CMF syslog service controls the syslog Daemon listening on port 514. It seems that you have both applications on the same server. This not recommended, hence the error message when trying to start the service. I suggest load Openview node manager 6.3 on a different box and install the integration utility.

As a test , stop all Openview node manager 6.3 services and start CMF Syslog service. Then watch the syslog.log (D:\Program Files\CSCOpx\log\syslog.log) file grow as it collects messages.

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Re: RME 3.4 syslog Problems on windows 2000

Thank you pvanvuuren

You were right, once i stop the NNM 6.3 processes, the CMF syslog service starts fine and the logs come in. i guess i will have to reinstall NNM 6.3 on another machine,

Thanks alot for yr help



Re: RME 3.4 syslog Problems on windows 2000

You're welcome.

Glad I could help. Feel free to rate our conversations.



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