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RME Import

We are in the process of ensuring that RME is getting all new adds and have a few questions. First I'll lay the ground work.

We have RME 3.1 on Solaris 5.7 as a stand alone. We are not allowed to run rcp in the environment so we have to import from file all devices. We have established the seedfile but are not allowed to jump boundries.

The problems this presents is that we have to manually import the new devices that our seedfile devices do not pick up. So, here are my questions:

Is there a way for RME to automatically discover new devices as they are added given that we are not using rcp, operating remote to the NMS and we cannot jump boundries?

What and where is the script that is kicked off when we execute the Import From File option?

Is it fesible for us to get some script that create the CSV file of new devices, scp it over to CW server, and then import the file in automatically?


Re: RME Import

If you have Campus Manager installed, you can do a network discovery and then synchronize the devices with RME automatically. You can setup the schedule for both the discovery and device sync to RME. script under the CSCOpx/bin directory can be used from CLI:

Usage: ./ [-o | -d] importFile

-o causes new community strings to overwrite existing strings for a device.

-d causes new community strings to be discarded in favor of existing strings.

The default holds devices with differing strings in 'Conflicting Devices'. Also can see:

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