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RME Security

My company is composed of a WAN team with responsibilities for routers and several LAN teams around the Globe. We have one Ciscoworks server currently running both LMS and RWAN. The issue I am having is WAM team members do not want a LAN team member able to run change against their routers and the LAN teams feel the same about WAN members running a job against their switches. I have setup Job approver lists and they are great, from my testing if you have more than one list or more than one person on that one list then anyone on the list can approve the job. There seems, from what I know, to be no way I can group devices so only certain approver lists can be used to run a change against it. Am I understanding this correctly? Is there a solution to my problem short of buying more Ciscoworks servers? Unfortunetly the WAN team needs LMS as well as they have responsibility for core switching so I cannot separate LMS and RWAN on different servers at this time. Thank you.

Randy Moore

Nova Chemicals


Re: RME Security

The approver list is working as expected since if there are more than one person on the list either can approve the job. There isn't a much finer granularity on the RME roles currently available so you may have to submit an ehancement request via your local CIsco Account Team/SE to the Engineering for future release.

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