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rommon and router boot problem

I accidentally blew up the IOS on my router. After some messing around, I was able to use TFTP to copy it back to the flash card. So now I have the IOS file back on the flash card, but I can't make it boot from it.

I had to clear the config-register 0x0 to get to the rommon. I think I have to replace the correct file to boot off of at 0x0, but I'm confused as to what those config-register commands do.

Please tell me how I can make it boot from the file off the flash: filesystem. Also if anyone feels energetic, please give me a mini explaination of the config-registers.

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Re: rommon and router boot problem

Go to

and download "Confreg Calculator" will help you fix your problem.


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Re: rommon and router boot problem

You may visit the links below for more information on config-register. I hope this helps in a way.



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Re: rommon and router boot problem


i am also having almost the same problem

i am from a cisco partner and to meet cisco person for this small thing is a bit of shame isn't it

i think u has got answer for u r problem

i u can help me with ref to u r solution pls help me

now i will tell my prob.

my router always boots from rom instead of flash

i checked my config reg every thing is correct

i tried to load a new ios but now the flash tells it is read router is 2500 and now it is in my customer site

u can chat with me on

hpoe to meet u there now


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