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ROMmon configuration hang up

I have tried several things to get into the ROMmon set up luck... I can not enable any commands. Do I need to disable something to get into the system to reboot the IOS or enter configuration??? This really has us stumped...outside guess, maybe a problem with the router, not the program??? All the documentation I checked has sus sstart with the enable command. I can not enable, exit, close, start config or anything. I allsso get the message that there is no magic number....Where do I find the magic number???

H E L P ! ! !

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Re: ROMmon configuration hang up

Hello William,

not sure which platform you are using, but make sure that your configuration-register is set to 0x2102 (you can see this by issuing the show version command).

If you reboot the router and hit Ctrl+Break within ten seconds, you should get into ROMMON mode. Is this what you are trying to do ?



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Re: ROMmon configuration hang up

Hi George:

I am stuck in the ROMmon mode and can not enter any commands. I tried the reboot and control/break key

procedure, but no luck.

I am going to try the xmodem procedures...hope it worls...I will post the results....Thanks, Bill


Re: ROMmon configuration hang up

Are you having problems loading the IOS ? Does the device keep on reloading stating that the device has a "bad magic number" ?

If so, this means that the IOS image you are trying to load is corrupt for some reason , or the flash needs to be formatted and you may need to do a xmodem recovery to get the box up and running.

What type of router is it ?

Here are the instructions on how to do a xmodem recovery

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Re: ROMmon configuration hang up

It is a 1721 with a T1 module installed.

Yes, I get teh message that there is no magic number, but I usually can not enter any commands, and sometimes when I can I am not able to enter the enable command or exit command.

I will give the xmodem a shot...I'll post what happens..... Thanks, Bill

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