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Route IP and Bridge IPX on Cat3550-48 EMI

Hi All,

I have one Cat3550-48 EMI and I want to create several VLAN that use different IP subnet of course.

The VLAN SERVER consist of several Windows NT Servers and one Novell Server (using IPX).

Other VLANs consist of workstations with IP and IPX enabled.

How to configure the Cat3550-48 EMI so the workstations in the other VLANs can access either the Windows NT Servers and the Novell Server ?

Can we do it with configuring fallback bridging on Cat3550-48 EMI ? Anybody have done it before ?


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Re: Route IP and Bridge IPX on Cat3550-48 EMI

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Re: Route IP and Bridge IPX on Cat3550-48 EMI

It works.

Thank you.

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Re: Route IP and Bridge IPX on Cat3550-48 EMI

This document explains how to configure interVLAN routing with Cisco Catalyst 3750/3560/3550 series switches. The document provides a sample configuration for interVLAN routing with a Catalyst 3550 series switch that runs enhanced multilayer image (EMI) software in a typical network scenario. The document uses a Catalyst 2950 series switch and a Catalyst 2948G switch as Layer 2 (L2) closet switches that connect to the Catalyst 3550. The Catalyst 3550 configuration also has a default route for all traffic that goes to the Internet when the next hop points to a Cisco 7200VXR router. You can substitute a firewall or other routers for the Cisco 7200VXR router.
These VLANs are the three VLANs that the user defines:

VLAN 2—user VLAN

VLAN 3—server VLAN

VLAN 10—management VLAN

The default gateway configuration on each server and host device must be the VLAN interface IP address that corresponds on the 3550. For example, for servers, the default gateway is The access layer switches, which are the Catalyst 2950 and 2948G, are trunked to the Catalyst 3550 switch.
The default route for the Catalyst 3550 points to the Cisco 7200VXR router. The Catalyst 3550 uses this default route to route traffic destined for the Internet. Therefore, traffic for which the 3550 does not have a routing table entry forwards to the 7200VXR for process.

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