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Route-map next-hop - rigid like static route?

Does a route-map statement that indicates

set next-hop

know how to gracefully handle an outage of that router? Will the general routing table be used instead of the policy? I don't see a way to accomplish the following:

1. If available, use this next hop

2. If the specified next hop is dead, use whatever

route is in the main routing table

One of the uses of this would be to favor a specific subnet or class of traffic, for which a summary route is known in the main routing table. We don't want to wind up penalizing the specific subnet for availability of routes while we configure to favor it for performance normally.


Richard Berke

T. Rowe Price


Re: Route-map next-hop - rigid like static route?

If the router interface associated with the next-hop is down, the next address specified in the next-hop command, or the default routing entry will be used. This doesn't work in all scenarios, for example if the next-hop router on an Ethernet segment goes down. If the next-hop router is a Cisco router, you can configure the route-map to verify that it sees the next-hop is it's CDP table with the command 'set ip next-hop verify-availability'.

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