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Route Private IPs onto real ips?

If I have Building A and Building B connected via a T1 with real ips. At each building I would like to have a subnet of private ips 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x. Can I add static routes and have the private ip 192.168.0.x at building B access the real ips at building A, as well as the real ips at building B?

Im trying to come up with a VoIP solution for leaving the ip phones on private ips, but putting the callmanagers and voice mail server on real ips... The Voice mail server would be in building A and I would need the phones in building B to be able to access it.

In Building B I was looking to throw a 2620 or 2621 router. And in building A I was looking at the Supervisor 1A MSFC card to do intervlan routing. The Router in building A is a 2621.


Re: Route Private IPs onto real ips?

When the T1 is end-to-end under your control, you can do with it what you like.

So you can add some private networks.

In a VoIP environment I would not use NAT between the networks to which your IP phones are connected. This makes life at the least more difficult.

To have the system as secure as possible, you should best use all-private ranges for VoIP, including CM and Voicemail. Use a Firewall and NAT to access these devices from the Internet.

The routers and switch you have in mind should be OK for voice apps.

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Re: Route Private IPs onto real ips?

Nat is the sol. what i think ...

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