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route redistribution thru bgp with nortel passport peer


We're deploying a new segment of a customer's network here in Brazil that works with nortel passport family 8600. Our legacy equipments are cisco and our cisco border router is a 7507. We setup a brand new AS named 65417 running at nortel's plataform (the legacy one is 1705).

So, what happens is, our cisco border advises the nortel passport (so it collects all routes thru bgp), but the inversal doesn't happens, cisco is unable to learn any routes from nortel.

Do you belive where might the problem is?

Do you have already a case study like this?

Please let me know whether a TAC is the best way to get thru this? Thanks a lot.


Re: route redistribution thru bgp with nortel passport peer

This could be due to multiple reasons.

Give a "show ip bgp neighbor" and see if the BGP state is "ESTABLISHED". If its not, you need to fix this first. See if you can ping the Nortel router or not.

On the Cisco router, what does a "show ip bgp" look like? Does it show the routes being received from the nortel router ? If you do see the routes on the BGP table ("show ip bgp") and dont see it in the IP routing table, then you need to fix this by giving "no synchronization" on the Cisco router.

Or it could be a invalid next-hop (Cisco router might not be able to access the next-hop that Nortel router is advertising).

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