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router 2620 with 2 different ip blocks

This maybe too simple for most of you Cisco experts :)

I have Cisco 2620 with t1 Internet connection to our network. I have requested and received extra ip block from my internet provider. Problem how do I add different ips to my router? Example: current ip 216.*.*.* with and new ip 64.*.*.* with I am new at this kind of thing. Can sombody please send me sample config settings of router with 2 different ip settings?


Re: router 2620 with 2 different ip blocks

What is the real need, for buying a second block of ip addresses, Are you assigning these public IP to your worstations ? You can make your workstations access the internet, by using a single IP address. You dont really need these many IP addresses, unless you have any Public Access servers.

To add the second address, you can use

int fa0/0

ip add 216.x.x.x.x ----- this is primary

ip add 64.x.x.x secondary

Use the second statement with "secondary" keyword, so that the ip address will be added to your ethernet interface.

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