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Router access lists

TOTAL newbie with the Cisco IOS

How would I go about removing entries from my access list??

Or, better yet:

Entirely remove the access list?


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Re: Router access lists


You cannot remove a single line from an access-list. You have to move it to a text file, edit and then cut/paste back into the router.

To remove, you just go "no access-list x" and make sure you remove where it is applied under an interface.


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Re: Router access lists

If you want to entirely remove the access-list, follow below procedure.

1. router1# config t

2. router1 (config)# no access-list (access-list number)

{at this point you have blown away or removed all of your access-list}

3. router1 (config) #^Z (ctrl Z)

4. router1# wr mem

If you want to make any addition(s) to your current access-list, in the exec mode, type ' show run | inc access-list (access-list number', then enter.

Copy and paste the output onto a notepad, vi, pico, or whatever editor you prefer.

Make the necessary access-list changes in the editor, then copy and paste the corrected output back into the router configs. That is:

1. router1# config t

2. router1(config)# ( copy and paste modified access-list here)

3. router1#^Z

4. router1# wr memory




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Re: Router access lists

Wut u can do is copy the whole access lists in the notepad and remove the lines u want. Again bind the updated access list. You cannot remove the lines directly in the router. Hope this information will be helpful.

Thanks . Emmad

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Re: Router access lists

In the event that you do not want to remove the whole access list then :

conf t

ip access-list standard 10

no permit.........etc...

Ctrl Z

Careful not to type in "no access list".........or you will remove all of acl 10


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Re: Router access lists


Assume that you are using standard ACL.

If u are using standared ACL, You cannot remove one line from an access list. If you try to do this, you will remove the entire list. It is best to copy the access list to a text editor before trying to edit the list. The only exception is when using named access lists.

To know about diff. ACL(s), refer the flg. link

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Re: Router access lists

Thanks for the help, you guys are great!

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