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Router and 10baseT question

I am brand new on this so please forgive me for my basic question...

We have a fractional T1, only 6 channels, 384K,we are going to switch ISP, the new ones will give us a 10baset router, because my connection is just 384k, the port with 10 megabit (10baseT) is enough, I think. This router will be connected to a firewall (sonicwall- 10/100baset) -> and from here to a switch (10/100) ...then we have around 20 PCs on the LAN all of them with 10/100 baset cards...I will be fine with this configuration or better I will go buying a cisco router (2620)...Also we want eventually upgrade to a full T1, if I stay with the 10baseT router, It will be enought?...Thanks for any help

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Re: Router and 10baseT question

i would like at the specs of the new 10baset router your ISP is giving you. That will answer many of your questions. Mainly look to see if the 10baset router is modular and can have upgrades done to it.

Re: Router and 10baseT question

If understand you correctly, you are now having a fractional T1. This is terminated on a router (provided with the link) that has a 10BT interface to your network. This is a valid configuration.

Just a 2620 will not be able to replace the router from the provider because it has no T1 interface. You will need an additional PRI-module for that. This will become quite expensive. Therefore I would advise you to use the router from the provider, if it can handle a fractional T1, the upgrade to a full T1 (structured) will be possible as well because you need a T1 to handle fractional. Besides, in these cases the ownership of the device often remains with the provider. You did not mention about the provider selling it to you. Hence he will have to exchange it when this becomes nescessary.



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