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Router Anomaly

One of our Network Academies has the following problem -

An old 2514 boots fine. Finds the IOS from flash fine. Loads the startup config from NVRAM fine. Then about 5 minutes later it starts trying to go out to a tftp server to load the IOS and config. It will find the config when the tftp server is online and load it.

5 minutes later it goes out looking once more for the IOS until it times out.

I've reloaded the IOS and re-config'd the router, all to no avail. Can someone please tell me what's going on and how to stop it?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Router Anomaly

It sounds a little like a function that the IOS supports but I have no direct experience with it. Of course, you can manually reload a router with the privileged exec command


I understand that a variation is

reload in hh:mm (e.g. 0:05)

But that is a command - not part of a config file. So who knows why it is doing it over and over? It is probably something a little more advanced (or maybe a bug) than what I referred to above. Maybe you could post your config?

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Re: Router Anomaly


I'm not real sure about what the cause could be but I would start by looking @ the Configuration Register or the boot system command in the configuration file.


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Re: Router Anomaly

I was able to finally solve this problem by issuing a 'no service config' command while in global config.

I still have no idea why this happened. The really weird thing is I replaced the original 2514 with another and the same thing happened. I then swapped it for a 1600 and it didn't happen.

BTW neither 'service config' nor 'no service config' appear in a show run.

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Re: Router Anomaly

Check your boot variables. Do this using a show ver. Your boot might be set to check both the startup-config, the network, etc.

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