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Router Console Error Message

Yesterday we moved a Cisco 2621xm Router from our main office to a sub-office. The router was working fine for about three months in our main office, but when we went to hook up the router at or sub-office we get connectivity for about 5 minutes and then it stops working, if we reboot the router the same thing happens. On the reboot I notice the following error message and I am not sure what it means. Any help on this would be great thanks.:

%MGCP-3-INTERNAL_ERROR: mgcp_cfg_commands: nvgen mgcp global: should not happen

%HW_VPN-6-STARTUP: Hardware VPN0/2: starting up

%SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 24 bytes failed from 0x803BD984, alignme

nt 0

Pool: Processor Free: 0 Cause: Not enough free memory

Alternate Pool: None Free: 0 Cause: No Alternate pool

-Process= "ISDN", ipl= 0, pid= 85

-Traceback= 803BB0D8 803BCF58 803BD988 800EA244 800D1F30 800D0E04 800D1B70 800E9

BCC 800BF2D4 800BF294

%Software-forced reload

Unexpected exception to CPU vector 700, PC = 803D80B0

-Traceback= 803D80B0 803BB160 803BCF58 803BD988 800EA244 800D1F30 800D0E04 800D1

B70 800E9BCC 800BF2D4 800BF294

=== Flushing messages (00:00:39 UTC Mon Mar 1 1993) ===

File flash:crashinfo_19930301-000039 open failed (-1)

*** System received a SIGTRAP exception ***

signal= 0x5, code= 0x700, context= 0x81d06648

PC = 0x803d80b0, Vector = 0x700, SP = 0x81b9a028

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Re: Router Console Error Message

Using cisco output interpreter at:

%SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL (x1): Memory allocation of [dec] bytes failed from [hex], pool [chars], alignment


Explanation: The requested memory allocation is not available from the specified memory

pool. The router memory has been exhausted or fragmented. This condition may be caused

by the current system configuration, the network environment, or a software error.

Recommended Action: Check the minimum memory requirements for your system configuration.

If your system meets those requirements, this condition is probably caused by a software

failure. To take advantage of recent fixes, upgrade your system to the latest Cisco

IOS software release in your release train.


%HW_VPN-6-STARTUP (x1): [chars]: starting up

Explanation: The specified EAIM has initialized successfully.

Recommended Action: This is an informational message only. No action is required.


I.e. do you have enough memory?



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Re: Router Console Error Message

Could it be that during the move memory may have been jarred lose. You might try reseating the memory modules.

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