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Router does not send out Syslog message to Server

Remote RouterA (2503) has serial as the primary connection and ISDN (Bri)configured for backup. When the serial line goes down then ISDN will go up and all data will be transfered over the ISDN connection to RouterB. RouterB is a 3640 Access router (PRI.) Both routers generate - among other - an 'ISDN-connect' syslog message. Bot routers are configured to send out syslog messages to a syslog server. The ISDN-connect message from RouterB is send out correctly to the Syslog Server. (RouterB and the Syslog Server are in the same central site.) However the ISDN-connect message from RouterA (remote site) never reaches the Syslog Server. This is problem because i need this message to start an automatic action in my NMS. Please note that i need the mesage from the remote router (RouterA) and not from the Local router (RouterB). This because RouterB is an AccessRouter for 'normal' isdn dial-in and for isdn backup connections. I need to be notifified only from ISDN backup connections which come active. That is the reason that I want receive syslog from remote when ISDN comes active.

Does anyone know this problem and how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Cisco Employee

Re: Router does not send out Syslog message to Server

I would say this is normal behavior.

You need to send snmp trap over a link that came up but is most probably not yet ready (interface is up but ppp didn't establish yet).

Since this is udp traffic, and because there is no other way to reach the destination, the trap is just dropped.

You might want to open a case to get a new feature request in order to delay the message until the interface is functional. Not sure if this is feasible so.

Community Member

Re: Router does not send out Syslog message to Server

Thanks for your reply.

Well I have it working today.

It works well if I use a static route over the ISDN link instead of EIGRP what we used first. It is the convergence time of EIGRP what causes the problem I guess.

Kind regards.

Cisco Employee

Re: Router does not send out Syslog message to Server

hehe - that could have been (and is) an issue.

Again, since snmp trap are using udp, there is no attempt to connect to the server.

We just try to send the trap. If it fails, it fails !

Regarding my previous comment, I want to correct it. When the interface comes up, packets are queued until completion of PPP negotiation. So, this could not have been an issue.

However, routing protocol convergence is another story/

Glad you could find a solution.

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