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router drops connections, interfaces up issue


I'm at a loss with this one. We have a 2621 router (v 12.0) that continues to drop connections for Terminal Services and SSL to internal servers, but the interfaces (1) T1 and (1) LAN show as being "up, "up". No packet errors, no interface flapping, no CRC errors, input errors or output errors when the packets are being dropped. As well, the highest CPU usage is 33% when we experience this issue. Server side logging does not show any usable information that problems occur and it is across the board - meaning that all connectivity is dropped to internal boxes, not just one or two.

When it happens, the outside IP's are pingable from outside, the inside IP's are also pingable from inside, but traceroute's from outside stop at the outside IP's (when things are good, you can traceroute the to the server IP). It's been happening since we put on an IPSEC tunnel to a remote Cisco router, but I'm not pointing to that just yet.

We use basic static routing for WAN links and no internal routing (flat). We also used to have (2) WAN interfaces and they were load-balancing before AT&T dropped our local LEC, now we are running on only one T1. I'm looking to fix this issue with AT&T but I'm assuming that the router was hiding the issue with the load-balancing feature.

Any info on what to look for besides the typical items is much appreciated,



Re: router drops connections, interfaces up issue

Often times complex troubleshooting issues are best addressed in an interactive session with one of our trained technical assistance engineers. While other forum users may be able to help, it’s often difficult to do so for this type of issue.

To utilize the resources at our Technical Assistance Center, please visit and to open a case with one of our TAC engineers, visit

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

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