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router getting un-necessary traffic

Hi all

i have 3640 two router

its connected same provider with 2MBlink

past 8 hours iam getting full traffic even i removed total input traffic

iam getting lot of un wanted traffic

iam not able to find what could be the reason

how do i find what is the problem

urgent, since the links are not usefull


New Member

Re: router getting un-necessary traffic

If you have a protocol analyzer, put it on the ethernet interfaces to capture whatever is either getting through the router to it, or perhaps the traffic is coming from inside. Another consideration is to check out the LEDs on the front for each of the four modules installed. If one is on alot more than the others, you can conclude that it has the culprit link. Unplug one link at a time intil the LEDs look quieter.

Another possibility is that the router may have a runaway process. Reset the router and it may clear up. This probably isn't the case, in reality though.

You can also do a SHOW PROC CPU to see which process may be taking alot of CPU horsepower. If CPU utilization is not higher than normal, this may not be higher than usual.

New Member

Re: router getting un-necessary traffic


i have removed all the link except wan link

even ethernet and trying to see console

the trafic more than 800kbps coming from wan link and going out also same 800kbps

seems to some thing wrong router i feel

did any one recomend me to re install IOS

i feel

even 2MB link

iam not able to browse any http traffic, but iam able to ping and traceroute

but not able to browse any site

all are dead slow, coming very late

please advice



Re: router getting un-necessary traffic

So, your 2MB link is running at 800kbps (less than half full) but you can't browse http.

What are ping times like, normal or high? Anything change before this became an issue?

Is nat involved? DNS issue?

If you debug ip packet (first remove fast switching) for a short period of time, who is generating the packets and to were?

Show interface stat - are packets fast or process switched?

Show interface - are there errors?

What does show proc cpu show?

Post as much info as possible to help.


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