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Router memory size :-(

Hi all,

I'm a little bit confused with a size of RAM in my router. With "show ver" it tells me, that I have 16 Mb. But with "sh mem" it gives me only 4 Mb. I didn't noticed that untill I started getting problems with "memory allocation problems". How to determine real memory size and how to allocate/re-allocate more memory to Processor?

Another question. What memory SIMM can I use to expand RAM in my uBR924 router. It has "Cisco Memory Slot", but when I look for memory with that form factor, I see a bunch of different types (e.q. 800, 2600, etc). And I know, that memory chip from my 2600 does not work in uBR924. Any suggestions?


Michael Shavrov


Re: Router memory size :-(

Give a "Show memory summary"

A sampe output would be lookin like this

Router>show memory summary

Head Total (b) Used (b) Free (b) Lowest (b) Largest (b)

Processor 60AB4ED0 5550384 2082996 3467388 3464996 3454608

I/O 40000000 16777216 1937280 14839936 14839936 14838908

Description of above table.

Total defines the total amount of memory available after the system image loads and builds its data structures.

Used defines the amount of memory currently allocated.

Free defines the amount of memory currently free.

Lowest defines the lowest amount of free memory recorded by the router since it was last booted.

Largest defines the largest free memory block currently available

Hope now you can locate where you saw the 4 mb and accordingly calculate how much memory u have.

Remeber the memory required for IOS to be extracted is not included in the Total section.

Are you getting any memory allocation errors. If so please paste the messages.

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