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Router Model and Requirement !!!

Anyone please suggest any of the Cisco Router Model that can support up to

10 Mbps of leased line by using serial interface ?

The user load can have up to 2500 users.

Please help out.

New Member

Re: Router Model and Requirement !!!

What type of serial interface and what type of leased line circuit? A 3600 will support a HSSI interface if you are going to be using a DS-3. I would also recommend this class of router if you were going to aggregate a number of slower serial circuits, such as the 6+ T-1s that would be required to reach that amount of bandwidth. At 2500 users, the purpose for this connection and any additional functionality also is a concern. Are you thinking of VoIP, QOS, encryption, tunneling, etc.? I would probably start with a 3662 on the low end and possibly think about a 7200VXR depending on what additional features you need.

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