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router processing

the processing of my perimeter router which is connected to internet, suddenly increases and as I am using voip so this factor effects the voice quality. can u people guide me how to control the processing of the router, even i have denied all the icmp traffic on all the intefaces.

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Re: router processing

in this way i can priortise my vioce traffic, but how can i control the processing of router, which suddenly increases to 80 or 90%.

Re: router processing

The increase in processing on the router, neednt, be always due to the processes running on the router, It could be that your network is hit by a virus or some programs which keep sending icmp traffic. I have seen situations where the CPU utilisation was at 100 percent, and the reason was a program called Toshiba pinger, which was continuously pinging DNS servers, from a laptop.


Re: router processing

What kind of router is it? Are there any errors/drops on any of the interfaces on the router? What process is taking up most of the CPU power? Are you getting a lot of matches on your ACL that is blocking icmp/second? Do you have CEF enabled? When does the router increase to 80 or 90%? Is it always at 80 or 90%? Is it only a high % during high traffic times?

Here's a good URL for troubleshooting high CPU issues:


Re: router processing

Could you post a show proc cpu, just the first few lines, and the lines of any processes that are over about 10% utilization?


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