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Router "snmp-server contact" command for catalyst switches??

I was informed that the "snmp-server contact <text>" command in a router

is the same as the "set system contact [contact_string]" command in a

Catalyst switch to set the system contact for SNMP.

Same is true with "snmp-server location <text>" and

"set system location [location_string]" commands.

I'm looking for a URL explaining this fact?

For now, we need a document providing this info.

Verification by configuring the switch itself is not an option right now.

Any useful URL is very much appreciated.


Re: Router "snmp-server contact" command for catalyst switches??

Hi Milan, thanks for the input. I have also found that info.

From the description, it mentioned "to help you with resource management tasks."

which, I believe, pertains to SNMP. This may sound silly but what I'm looking

for is a description similar to the following:

"You can set the system contact, location, and serial number of the SNMP agent so that these descriptions can be accessed through the configuration file. "

The description above is from a link for Configuring SNMP support for routers.

And in the former part of the document, the SNMP Agent part was explained.

Let's just say that I'm looking for a "hard" description, and probably a document similar to the following:

It may also sound non-sense but this is actually a customer's requirement.

The document I'm looking for might not exist from CCO but it's better to

try searching for it than not. Thanks again.

New Member

Re: Router "snmp-server contact" command for catalyst switches??

I already have this type of configuration in place. However, the one variable I haven't been able to configure is the chassis-id. That is extremely helpful on the IOS products, but I can't configure it on a CatOS box. Any ideas?


Re: Router "snmp-server contact" command for catalyst switches??

This is because CatOS have the Serial# in the 'sh ver' output like the IOS XL switches. should help you further on this.

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