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Router Time - Help

Time on the router.

I would like to have a clock that keeps time on the router - even after a power down/up and reload. Routers in question are 3660s and 2610s. I've been told they do not have a hardware clock - hence I can not use the calendar set command.

I don't necessarily want to deal with NTP - it just bewilders me about this whole clock deal. Who would not want to know the date and time certain events happened? Is this by design? Am I off my rocker? Or am I just one of multitudes that thinks this is silly (if true)? I feel a bit dense for asking such a question, but as an IOS newbie (from Nortel world) I have no choice.

Can somebody steer me straight on this?

Appreciate the help.


Re: Router Time - Help

If the router doesn't have a calendar (hardware clock/battery) then you have to use NTP. There is no other way.

The higher-end routers usually have a calendar. If the 'show calendar' command is available on your router and works then you have a hardware clock. If this command isn't available then you have to use NTP.

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